Game Day


Today is Game Day!  Wisconsin faces off against LSU in the season opener.  I’m sure it will be exciting and can’t wait.  I will have to watch it by myself in the apartment since Joe is working and I don’t need to draw attention to myself as a little girl with pigtails from Wisconsin.

My morning started off with more waffles to get me going for my 7 mile run.  I was at the park by 7:30 so it wouldn’t be too hot.  I planned on going all the way around the lakes so I would know how far it really is.  I started on Lakeside since I knew there were more bubblers on the campus side for the end of my run.

I’m still trying to figure out how to run on Lakeside.  There must be another street behind theses homes with driveways to the homes so no one actually drives on Lakeside.  It is just runners, walkers, and bikers which means it’s a free for all.  People are on both sides of the street and down the middle of the street!  I always feel like I’m in the way.  I stick to running against the normal flow of traffic on roads. 

Well I made it all the way around the lakes and my watch beeped so I thought I made it 7 miles.  I must have been hallucinating because when I looked at my run back at the apartment it only said 6 miles.  Whoops!  I guess my body was done! 

After my run I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some more beer.  It was supposed to rain all day so I figured if I was going to be holed up in the apartment I better have beer.  I went with Abita Amber which is a local beer.  I hope to go there someday soon for a tour.  It’s right on a bike path so I think it would be a great weekend trip. 

The rest of the day I watched football and balanced the checkbook.  I had a few months to enter into Quicken but it didn’t take me long at all.  Then I was ready for some beer and cheese!

Finally it was time for the game!  I had on all my Wisconsin gear, including some red earrings and bangles of course.  Since the game didn’t start until 8:30 pm and I had been drinking since  early afternoon, I didn’t make it till the end of the game.  I changed into my Badger pajamas at half time.  I fell asleep sometime in the 3rd quarter when the Badgers were still winning.


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