More To Explore On A Rainy Day


I prepped waffle mix and enjoyed my coffee while waiting for Joe this morning. I’m not sure what we are going to do today besides run and sit by the pool.

Joe returned before 8:00 am which was perfect because I was starving like usual. The waffles tasted a lot better now that I have measuring cups! Before I was just eyeballing everything so they were a little dense. I topped mine off with peanut butter and bananas. Delicious!

After breakfast we worked out together in the fitness center. It was an arm, chest, and abs day and boy did I feel the burn. Joe showed me what to do and worked with me to get the motions down. Hopefully we can still workout together after I start working. My legs already get a workout from running so my little twig arms look silly. I would like to put some muscle on and be able to do pull ups.

The next stop was the pool to relax and stretch out in the water before any storms roll in. I’m really glad we have a pool with how hot it gets down here. It’s also a nice place just to sit and listen to the water flow since I don’t have the lake anymore.

We finished off the rest of the spaghetti for lunch and then I got ready to go to the DMV to get a Louisiana driver’s license. Of course then we looked online to see what I would need and realized I didn’t have proof of address.

Since I was already done up and the rain had started, we decided to go to the Mall of Louisiana so I could get a FlipBelt for running and Joe could get protein powder from GNC. The mall is huge with two stories and a good mix of regular and high end shops. I was able to find the FlipBelt so I bought a pink one since they didn’t have green. Joe got his protein and then we just walked around a little bit. They have giant motorized stuffed animals that you can rent and ride around on which looks ridiculous. I couldn’t help myself and had Joe take my picture while I was sitting on a tiger. I was pretty excited and promptly sent the picture to my friend Martha who understands my kitty obsession.

All that walking made us hungry so we drove to get ice cream at the Marble Slab. Joe had it before and really wanted me to try it. You pick your ice cream flavor and then they put it on a marble slab and add any toppings you want. Then they mash it all together on the marble and scrape it back into the cup. Was it worth $5.00 for a single serving? No. It was good but seemed a little gimmicky.

Joe didn’t feel like cooking so we had pizza for dinner. Then we set up the new smart TV so we could use my external hard drive. I had all of the GoPro videos from Kauai on it so we watched the videos of us hiking and snorkeling. We even watched part of the helicopter video. It still makes me feel nauseous!

I tried to stay awake to finish watching Dateline. I don’t know why I bother watching that show, it’s always the husband who killed her! I googled the case just to make sure and called it a night.

9:30 pm Bedtime


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