Route To Work and Levee Run


Today after breakfast we drove one of the routes I could take to get to work.  It wasn’t too bad and took about 15-20 minutes.  I will just need to take my time and really watch out for other people.  I’m glad we scoped it out because there is some construction downtown and in the area where I need to park. 

The next stop was the River Walk for my 7 mile run.  The River Walk extends for miles and is actually the levee wall.  The more heavily trafficked areas have lights, benches, and bubblers.  It also has paved with traffic lines.  If people bike how they drive that might not matter…..

We parked in one of the casino parking garages because I think it was free.  Still trying to figure those things out ha!  Joe hopped on the bike and we were able to get right up on the path.  We headed south along the Mississippi River away from downtown.  I wanted to see how far the paved path went so I would know for my long runs.  There are several on and off points along the trail which I think will be great visual marks for distance. 

The scenery isn’t too bad for a big city.  There are lots of trees along the river and you can see all the boats and barges go past.  You can see part of campus and are even close enough to see Tiger Stadium.  It was crazy that the screens at the stadium are so big we could watch football highlights on them from the levee.  There also was a large horse pasture near campus as well as an equestrian center.  As we went farther down past campus it was a lot of green fields and no houses or buildings.  The lights stop after that so I think it gets a little more dangerous since you’re in the middle of nowhere.  Since it is elevated and there are absolutely no trees you have a clear view.  As in no one can just jump out of the bushes to grab you. 

By not having any trees, there is no shade at all and nothing to stop any wind.  Even though we went pretty early at 8:30 am it was still in the 80’s with high humidity.  I was dragging by the end of the 7 miles.  It didn’t help that I was sore from the spin class and from working out with Joe the day before.  I got a little mad at Joe because he was stopping to take pictures so I was without water for over a mile. 

I ended up finishing in about an hour with an average pace of 8:45.  I felt much slower than that as the humidity really changed how hard my body was working.   Running in a straight line with little scenery changes also made me feel slower.

After the run we relaxed at the apartment and filled out our change of address forms.  Joe made salad for lunch and then we went down to the pool.  I was exhausted from the run so I just sat in the water while Joe went and worked out.  He eventually came back to the pool to sit with me. 

Soon enough I was hungry again so we headed back to the apartment to make dinner.  Joe fixed up some ranch chicken with a little salad while I polished off the first bottle of Charles Shaw wine.  I knew we should have gotten more!  At least I know how to get to Trader Joe’s now.

We thought about setting up the TV after dinner but were too exhausted. 

9:00 pm Bedtime


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