Driving Solo


Today I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to drive on my own. I tried a different way to get to where I will be working and took a lot of side streets instead of the main drag so I will have lots of options. This will be important as there are a lot of accidents that back up traffic. It took me a little longer, about 20-25 minutes, which I didn’t think was too bad for my first time driving on my own. I will probably leave 45 minutes before I need to be at work my first day just so I’m not late if there is an accident.

I was already geared up to run so the next stop was the lakes to run 4 miles. I knew which roads I needed to take but wasn’t exactly sure how far away it was from work. The Garmin wanted me to get on the highway so I had to ignore it and try to find the right streets. Of course there was construction so I ended up taking a more adventurous route through a part of town I have no intention of ever going through again. It’s just beyond comprehension how one side of the street is all nice homes and the otherside you worry about getting shot. There are nice blocks and bad blocks and they are all jumbled together.

Anyway, I made it to the park and ran along the lakes on the LSU campus side. There were quite a few people out and about running and biking today. Apparently it is necessary to go out and exercise with 10 pounds of makeup on, especially women of a certain age. One lady even had on heavy dark lipstick and was dripping in diamonds. I am still trying to figure this out. All I know is that a tomboy from Wisconsin really stands out around here!

The majority of the path on this side is in need of repair. You really have to pay attention or you will trip or roll an ankle. I made it all the way down Sorority Row along the lakes. That was really neat to see since the college kids all had big signs and banners up welcoming the freshman. I bet it gets crazy down there on game day. I might try to check it out sometime with Joe when we find some LSU gear.

The run itself was ok. My pace was around 8:35 but again I felt much slower. Almost like I was trying to run through quicksand. At one point I had to just snap out of it because there was a woman pushing a toddler, not even a baby, but a toddler in one of those running strollers ahead of me. Finally I was like what am I doing?! I kicked it in to high gear and passed her!

After my run I had second breakfast and finished my blog post for the day before. By 11:00 am I was ready to sit by the pool and stretch out in the water. It was another 90 degee day so I was in the water more than I was laying out. There were a few people at the pool today, a lady reading a book, a guy from East Africa who said the heat here was worse than Africa, and another guy who’s wife is from Ohio. It seems like a lot of the people here are from out of state and got relocated working for the big oil companies. He was saying how the company pays for his family’s fully furnished apartment. I might want to look into that!

By 1:00 pm I was roasting and super hungry. I stopped in the clubhouse for more cookies and went back to the apartment to make a chicken, bacon, ranch salad. Yummy! The rest of the afternoon I relaxed and did some laundry. Right when I was ready for a snack, my mom texted me some pictures of her on her porch eating some snacks so then I texted back pictures of me eating snacks on my patio. We are so much alike it is scary!

I just had leftover spaghetti for dinner and then went down by the pool for awhile so I could take advantage of the wifi. I took the opportunity to FaceTime with my mom to show her the pool. She showed me the dog and cat which I really appreciated. I miss having a dog so bad, especially when Joe is at work.

My evening was spent folding laundry and watching Project Runway.

9:30 pm Bedtime


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