Lake Run and Trader Joe’s


Joe will be back later this morning so I am just getting a few things done and preparing pancake mix for breakfast. 

While watching the news I saw that it was National Dog Day.  Of course that was depressing since I miss Stang like crazy.  Joe returned around 8:00 am after hitting some traffic on the bridge.  He surprised me with a collie stuffed animal.  It was perfect and couldn’t have been better timing.  My mom also sent me a picture of Stang and told me she took him to go play with Lily (their dog) so that made me feel better that he is having fun. 

We had the pancakes and and headed off to LSU lakes for a 4 mile run.  There is ample free parking at the park and I feel comfortable getting there now.  We ran around the East side of the lakes which is all nice neighborhoods with big fancy southern homes.  I enjoyed the run a lot more than Joe.  He was hurting before the first mile and was really hurting by the time we finished.  I guess it didn’t help that I told him we only had half a mile left to go when it really was a mile and a half.  I am used to my normal paths so I know exactly how far I am at any point so I didn’t notice right away that I was off with my distance.  I had my Garmin of course but it just didn’t register in my mind that we were going 4 miles and not 3 miles. 

After our run we went to a thrift store to try to find a few things we still needed like a measuring cup.  It was a small thrift shop and they didn’t have one.  They did have a little jewelry case with some bangles so I might have to go back when Joe is at work.  I also want to find an LSU t-shirt.
Walmart was next on the list to get some more food and the measuring cup.  We also got a floor mat for the front door and suction cups with hooks to hang a curtain over the glass office door. 

Finally we were able to go to Trader Joe’s.  It is much larger than the store in Madison; you can actually fit two carts down the same aisle.  I also didn’t see those stupid child sized carts that inattentive parents like to let their children use to hit me in the back of my ankles.  We got all of our produce there and it was cheaper than Walmart and I’m sure much better.  We also got a bunch of fish and some of my other favorites like the chocolate croissants and two bottles of Charles Shaw.  We probably won’t buy food at walmart anymore, just household cleaning supplies. 

After lunch we worked out together and then sat by the pool and went swimming.  It was a little overcast so it wasn’t so hot.  Joe made spaghetti for dinner just so we could have the red wine and use our Reidel wine glasses.  We even sat out on the patio for a little bit. 

We pretty much finished the office and my closet after supper.  By then I was exhausted and ready for bed.  So much for a vacation!

9:00 pm Bedtime


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