First Solo Run and Spin Class


Joe left for work early this morning so that means I will be alone for awhile.  I’m used to being alone so that isn’t an issue.  I won’t try to drive anywhere by myself yet but I felt comfortable to go for a run.  I figured it was now or never.  I’ve worked too hard in my training to give up now.

I had leftover waffles for breakfast with peanut butter to give me some energy.  After my coffee I was ready to go.  I managed to get across the busy road without having to wait too long.  I had looked on Google Maps to check out the neighborhood by our apartment so I felt ok running there.  I just went one mile in a direct route so I wouldn’t get lost.  It was already in the 80’s by 8:30 am but I still made good time.  I got back across the busy road with no problem so that doesn’t seem so bad.  I did see other people with nice bikes so it must be somewhat bike friendly around here.  I plan on checking out a spin class tonight so maybe I can ask someone there.

Well it looks like it might rain later so I am going to sit by the pool for awhile and then work on unpacking after lunch.

I had the pool all to myself today. It was very relaxing swimming laps and sitting in the lounge chairs.  I hope to actually learn how to swim with my head in the water and not just doggie paddle.  Eventually then I will try a triathlon.

After lunch I worked on organizing my closet.  Some of my clothes will need to be ironed but I can do that another day.  I still need to figure out how to use the thing.  Then I will have to teach Joe how to use it!

I just worked on a few other things in the apartment and made dinner before going to spin class.  I was pretty pumped about the spin class so I could meet new people who enjoy fitness.  I guess the spin class is hit or miss so it was just me and the instructor.  She was super nice and we just talked and biked. She does triathlons so she was telling me about where to run and bike.  She told me I will either need to go early in the morning or, more realistically, drive somewhere to run and bike.  Kind of a bummer but I will make it work.  I can always use the treadmill if I have to.

10:00 pm Bedtime


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