First Full Day

I was able to sleep in till around 6:30 am before my anxiety kicked me out of bed. I can’t sleep when I start thinking about everything that still needs to be done.  My first thought was coffee.  I just wanted coffee to help get me going.  We walked over to the clubhouse but found that it didn’t open until 10:00 am.  Then we decided to go to Whole Foods to buy coffee and some things for breakfast.  It was our first time in a Whole Foods and it was overwhelming.  Somehow we ended up forgetting coffee and buying over priced things we didn’t really need. 

Something so simple as making scrambled eggs really turned out to be an ordeal but it forced us to unpack the kitchen in a hurry.  We used one of the new pans and managed not to burn the eggs to the bottom so that was a success.  I guess the trick to cooking in stainless steel pans is to use lots of oil and start off slow.

After breakfast we really got down to business unpacking and washing the dishes.  I think we finally found all of the kitchen stuff and were able to find places to put everything.  I might need to get a step stool to reach everything though. 

All the unpacking made us hungry so we went to Walmart to get a few things for lunch and dinner.  Walmart in Louisiana isn’t much different than Walmart in Wisconsin ha!  The Walmart is in a really busy high traffic area so I won’t be driving there myself for awhile if ever! Joe made us mac and cheese for lunch and then we were back to work.  We finally had enough stuff put away to throughly go through the apartment and make notes of any damage. 

By 3:00 pm we were ready for a break and headed to the pool to relax.  The pool area is very nice and the water was perfect.  Part of the pool is actually only a foot deep and has little tables and chairs so you just sit with your butt and feet in the water.  Very refreshing.  It reminds me of Mexico.  There were quite a few people there but it wasn’t crowded.  So far it seems there is quite an assortment of people here from all over.  We’ve noticed plates from California, Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois.  I’m hoping to find another couple from Wisconsin.

After our dip in the pool, we had chicken fajitas with fresh guacamole on the patio for dinner.  The view from the patio isn’t the best but it could be worse.  I’m really glad I was able to find a cute little bistro set in Wisconsin so that we have it and can use it right away.  Knowing me, I would have been out there on a folding chair and an overturned bin as a table just to sit out there and save money.

Joe was sweating on the patio because it is still 90 + degrees at 7:00 pm so we went back inside.  We cleaned up everything from dinner and even used the Barkeeper’s cleaner for the sauté pan.  It looked discolored from where the burner was so of course I thought we ruined it.  However, we sprinkled a little of that cleanser on it and it shined back up!  So glad my Mom was able to find that for me.

We worked on more unpacking the rest of the night.  I made sure to hang up Joe’s nice shirts so they don’t get all wrinkled.  I even was able to convince him to throw out a few ratty t-shirts to make room for his nicer clothes.  Apparently they were good enough to wear but are not good enough to use as rags to wash his car? I’m still trying to figure that one out.  Oh well, we have to pick and choose our battles. 

10:00 pm Bedtime


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