My Next Adventure Part 2

8:00 am Had a very restful night. Nice big comfy bed with lots of pillows.  I barely remember going to sleep; I was out as soon as I laid down.  We took our time this morning and went down for breakfast around 7 am.  I had the eggs and sausage while Joe had the waffles.  The coffee was actually good so that was a bonus.  While Joe was getting cleaned up I filled up our water bottles and got ice in the cooler.  We topped off the truck and headed on out. GPS says we will get there around 12:00 pm. True Blood soundtrack on the ipod.

9:30 am Made it to Jackson, MS in good time.  We were able to see the capital from the interstate.  Starting to have more curvy roads and bridges. Lots of road construction of course.  Nothing else exciting.  Trying to pay attention to where we are going and not get car sick. Next big city is McComb.  Like Lana Del Ray Playlist on the ipod.

11:00 am Stopped in McComb to fuel up and stretch our legs.  About 90 more miles to Baton Rouge.  Still in Mississippi though.  Should be crossing the border soon.  Feeling more nervous than excited as we get closer.  Still will have to sign papers and get keys once we get to the apartment.  I will feel better once I am able to crawl in my bed and have some sense of familiarity.  Marina and the Diamonds on the ipod. 

12:30 pm Made it to our apartment in Baton Rouge.  We stopped in the front office and Amy went over everything with us and gave us all of our keys. That will take some getting used to on my part.  Coming from a small town in Wisconsin I’m not used to needing keys because everything is unlocked.  Amy was very nice and even told us about a group of couples who are new to the area that try to get together once a month to find new things to do.  I thought that was a great idea.  Hopefully we can make some new friends to make this transition easier. 

The boys first unloaded Joe’s car then got to work unloading the truck.   They got everything in and the bed set up by 3:00 pm.  They were literally dripping sweat by the time they were done.  We felt so bad since they would have to drive over an hour back that we told them to shower here just so they could rinse off.  I managed to find the shower curtain right away but the rings were elusive.  I ended up taking some of the packing rope and strung it up as a last resort.   I was also able to get them cookies from the clubhouse to hold them over till dinner. 

4:30 pm Once we got the rental truck dropped off we all went to Five Guys for dinner. We treated Pat and Justin for all their help.  Joe went back with them to pick up his truck so now I’m at the apartment by myself for the next few hours.  I have made the bed and unpacked a few boxes.  I’m not very consistent though and keep getting distracted.  I’ve been trying to focus on the more immediate needs like the bathroom.  Putting the toilet paper on the holder was one of the first things I did!  Going to try to get some more boxes unpacked in the kitchen so then I can take a little break to watch the Packer game later.

9:30 pm I am done for the night. I got a lot of boxes unpacked and have started to organize everything.  Joe got back with his truck around 8:30 pm so now he is unpacking some things in the office.  I am on the couch watching the Packer game trying to relax.  We can sleep in tomorrow and take our time unpacking the rest of the stuff.  I will have to wait to upload this post until tomorrow when I can use the wifi in the clubhouse.  We won’t be able to get the Internet hooked up for awhile so that is why I haven’t posted any pictures yet.  Our cell service is terrible down here so communication is somewhat limited.  Will have to switch carriers at some point.

10:30 pm Bedtime


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