My Next Adventure

8:00 am Today my husband and I left Wisconsin in a 14′ moving truck.  We had wanted to leave at 6 am but I knew that wasn’t realistic.  Yesterday was so hard emotionally that I was barely able to function.   We finally pulled out of the driveway at 8 am.  I might regret that later but I really needed to sleep and take my time this morning.  I’ve had very strong emotions regarding this move.  One minute I’m excited for a new adventure and the next I am absolutely terrified.  Hopefully once I settle back into a routine it will get easier.  I try to remember this doesn’t have to be forever and that I at least need to give it a chance. 

8:45 am We officially left Wisconsin and entered Illinois. 

9:30 am It started to rain.  No cities in sight. Saw a Bears fan. I think she was missing a tooth.  Outside of Aurora, IL. Exit 87.

10:15 am Stopping to get some gas and go to the bathroom in Wenona.  Still had around half a tank of gas but needed the bathroom break.  It felt good to stretch out my legs.  Plugged in the iPod after I remembered I had a line in cable in my purse.  Listening to Herbie Hancock now. 

12:00 pm Still in Illinois.  What a long boring drive.  Only 73 more miles to St. Louis.  I am looking forward to a change in scenery.   Starting to get hungry so I ate one of the granola bars we packed.  Trying to wait to eat my ham sandwich as long as possible since I don’t know when we will be stopping for dinner.  Will try to make it past St. Louis before stopping again for gas and bathroom break.  Miles Davis is on the ipod now. 

1:15 pm Took 255 South around St. Louis.  My Dad suggested it so we wouldn’t have to go through the city like the Garmin wanted us to do.  Still saw the archway in the distance.  Never have seen it before. Looking to stop soon. Crossed into Missouri.  Next big city to look forward to is Memphis,  TN.   Wanda Jackson on the ipod. 

2:00 pm stopped to get gas and use the bathroom in Imperial,  MO.  It is hot. 92 with real feel of 99.  Eating my ham sandwich now.  Looked at the map and saw Beale street is not far off the main drag. Will try to stop somewhere in the area for much needed beer and burger.  Only 250 miles to Memphis,  TN.  Steve Miller Band on the ipod.

3:00 pm Outside Perryville with 195 more miles to go to Memphis.  Should get there around 6 pm for dinner so that will be perfect.   Seeing lots of bluffs, hills, and dead armadillos.   Duke Ellington on the ipod.

5:00 pm Just crossed into Arkansas with about 75 miles left to go till we reach Memphis.  I took a little nap and we stopped for gas and a bathroom break.   It is still hot and starting to feel more humid.  Starting to get hungry.  Will need to think more about where we are going to be stopping for the night.  Miley Cyrus on the ipod.

6:00 pm Drove straight through Memphis. We didn’t stop to eat there since there was road construction and lots of traffic.  Joe was also concerned about trying to find a place to park the truck and trailer.  We made it across the state line into Mississippi and ate at a McDonald’s instead.  Headed for Grenada now to spend the night.  Should make it there by 8 pm.  Kacy Musgrave on the ipod.

8:00 pm Made it to the hotel in Grenada.  Getting more hilly and lots of big trees. Checked in, grabbed some cookies, and took a nice hot shower. It feels great to lay down after being on the road for 12 hours.  Only 300 more miles to go tomorrow. 

9:00 pm Bedtime


One response to “My Next Adventure

  1. Thanks for writing about your adventure, it was great for Jeff and I to read. I’m sure it was an emotional day – so much loss but the potential for so much gain! Stay positive, you are together!!

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