The “Big Day”

October 14, 2013

Finally, after a year and a half engagement, lots of planning and stressing the Big Day was here.

Joe and I relaxed in the morning with coffee on the lanai. I attempted to quickly paint my nails while Joe worked on his tan. Then our parents came over to the condo so I could go with the girls for lunch and Joe could go with the guys for lunch.

Apparently most of the restaurants close for lunch on Monday so we had to change our lunch plans and go to Kauai Pasta. I didn’t really want italian on Kauai but it was good. I had a panini and then we all split dessert.

There was some road construction so we were crunched for time. Us girls went back to the hotel to get ready. I did my makeup while my mom and Kathy got dressed and then we went outside to quickly pick flowers from around the grounds. My mom asked ahead of time and they said it was ok.

It was a good thing I did my makeup ahead of time because by the time we got back to the condo we only had about a half an hour to get me in my wedding dress. I decided not to curl my hair since there wasn’t time and the humidity would’ve made it pointless anyway.

We picked a plumera to put in my hair and hit the road. My mom arranged the flowers into a bouquet in the backseat. Along the way it started to rain and we could see several waterfalls in the mountains. Luckily it stopped by the time we got to The Cliff since we did not have a backup plan.

My dad escorted my mom and Kathy down the steep slope first before he came back to help me. I gathered up my dress and hiked on down in my Keens. We made Joe look away until I was placed properly so he could get the full effect. Now that everyone made it down in one piece we set up the camera and tripod and began our ceremony on The Cliff with a rainbow overhead. A rainbow on you wedding day has to be good luck!

After some pictures on The Cliff with the rainbow, we headed to Ke’e Beach for sunset. We must’ve taken 500 pictures but it was worth it. The sun setting by the Napali Coast was magical. It couldn’t have been better.

We topped off our wedding night with dinner and bubbly at the Oasis.  It was a great way to end the night. There were many cheers and thanks to go around. Joe and I both feel so blessed our parents supported our decision to have a nontraditional destination wedding on Kauai. It meant a lot to us that they could be there to witness our union as we committed ourselves to each other as husband and wife.


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