Queen’s Bath

October 13, 2013

On our excursion to find “The Spot,” we stumbled on Queen’s Bath in Princeville. It was a pretty steep and slippery trail that follows a stream down to the coast. Of course there was even a waterfall. While we were taking pictures by the waterfall I got bit up by gnats. I didn’t realize it until it was too late and my legs were covered in the biggest welts that iched worse than any mosquito bite.

We trekked on down to the bottom where we were greeted with a somber warning; a sign with tally marks indicating how many people had died there this year alone. Queen’s Bath is formed out of lava rock that has hollowed out from the flowing water from the stream. Water also comes up from the ocean during high tide. During low tide it is “safe” to swim in and see different fish. High tide is most dangerous as the swells come in and can suck you out to sea. Many other tide pools are formed with the changing tides. Joe wanted to climb into one on the edge of the cliff and I had to beg him not to. That seemed like small potatoes after we saw some other people jump into a big tide pool with huge swells. Joe even said that was crazy.

By this time I was getting a little cranky from a combination of the bug bites and too much sun so we hiked back up the trail blazing fast to the car.


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