Kauai: The Garden Isle

October 12, 2013

After Pearl Harbor we flew to Kauai. Flying into Kauai was a lot different than flying into Honolulu; everything was green and the coastline and mountains were beautiful. No massive skyscrapers or concrete jungles! It was what I pictured when I imagined what Hawaii would look like.

We quickly picked up our bags and got our rental car (Ford Fusion Hybrid) and headed to the condo. After the fastest wardrobe change ever, we were on the beach. It was great to finally lay out in the sun and relax. The beach in front of the condo is nice and lounge chairs are provided which is a major plus. The waves were pretty strong that day and it’s rocky in some areas so it’s not a good swimming beach.

After a couple hours on the beach we checked out our pool area and sat in the hot tub. The hot tubs and one of the pools actually had sand bottoms which I had never seen before. The pool area isn’t huge here like at some resorts but it doesn’t really matter since there’s so much to do on Kauai and so many beautiful beaches to see. I don’t know why anyone would want to waste a day sitting by the pool.

By this time it was getting dark and we were starving. There was a Safeway across the street from the condo so we decided to load up on groceries and make dinner. We made it about half way through the store before we realized it was a members only grocery store and that the markup was more than double in some cases! Since we didn’t want to get to the register and find out we owed $300 we grabbed a frozen pizza and some eggs so we could have something to eat that night and for the morning. We ditched the rest of the cart in the middle of an aisle and left!

Back at the condo we enjoyed our $8 frozen pizza on the lanai and started to plan out our next day.


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