Traveling and Waikiki Beach

I will quickly try to recap the first day of our trip!  Pictures will follow at a later date!

Friday, October 11th 2013

We woke up at 3:00 am to get everything loaded up and meet my parents and Joe’s parents so we could all leave for the airport together.  The nice thing about that time of day is that you don’t have to worry about traffic so we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare!  We checked our bags and got through security with no problems and then it was on to Dallas for a quick layover.  It always seems that the gate you fly into has all the good food and stores but then you get to your gate and there’s nothing good!  I always feel more comfortable getting to my gate first and then worrying about food.  Then they made an announcement that no meal would be served on the plane and there was limited food for purchase.  Joe and I had to quick grab some breakfast burritos from McDonald’s which was not ideal. 

The plane ride from Dallas to Honolulu was 8 hours long.  At one point I thought we were almost there and then I realized we were only half way and had another solid 4 hours of flying time.  We all tried to sleep and did doze off for little bits at a time.  Luckily we were all sitting together so we could chit chat and share snacks and reading materials.  Joe mainly played on the tablet and I listened to my ipod.  There were a couple movies but nothing that interested me to watch.

Finally, after 8 hours we landed in Honolulu!  It was 2:00 pm after a 5 hour time zone change.  We were all exhausted and just running on adrenaline at that point.  We picked up the rental van and headed downtown to our hotel.  Everything that they say about driving in Honolulu is true.  Traffic was terrible.  When I pictured Hawaii I pictured jungle and green not a concrete jungle. 

We stayed at the Marriott a few blocks off of Waikiki beach so after a quick refresh we all took off for the beach!  We walked through the major shopping district and saw every high end shop you could imagine.  It was amazing.  The receptionist recommended Duke’s for dinner since it was right on the beach and we wouldn’t need a reservation since it was still early.  Duke’s was really fun and had live music.  We all ordered the mahi mahi fish tacos except Joe and Mike of course who got hamburgers.  Joe and I got mai tais too.  I had to have Joe finish mine otherwise I might’ve had a hard time walking the beach.  To top off dinner we all split dessert which was a massive piece of macadamia nut ice cream pie covered in fudge and topped with more macadamia nuts!  Yummy!  For damage control we walked Waikiki beach at sunset and took in all the sights and sounds.

Our long day of traveling ended at 7:30 pm when I zonked out completely. 


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