10K PR

I was blessed with another visit from Joseph so I had to put blogging on the back burner.  However, that didn’t mean I took a break from running.  Far from it in fact!  Joe not only encouraged me to run, he also biked along side of me for each and every run.  He helped me push through some hard runs and even get a new PR.  Basically, I have the best fiancé ever!

So about that PR!

I’ve been chasing a new PR for my 10K time for awhile now and came close a few weeks ago on my last 10K Trail Run.  I missed out by 10 seconds which was really disappointing.  That feeling of disappointment and the encouragement from Joe pushed me beyond what I thought I could handle so I could beat my previous PR by 1:13. 

PRs 9-24-13

I normally don’t focus too much on speed since my main priorities are getting the miles in and not getting injured.  I don’t need an official race time to feel a sense of accomplishment either.  However, it does feel amazing to see my times decreasing and my mileage increasing!

Now I just need to fill that big blank space for the Marathon!


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