10K Trail Run

I woke up early to get in my run before the rain storms, but of course I didn’t get out until 10 am.  It certainly wasn’t cool and cloudy like they predicted either.  It was HOT and muggy.  My training plan had 6 miles listed for the day and so I thought it would be a great idea to test my 10K time. 

I have never done an actual 10K race, but had gone that distance a lot during my half marathon training last year.  Surprisingly, my 10K PR came from the half marathon I did in the fall which was 50:46.  

My dreams of a new PR quickly went out the window at mile 3 when I was running in direct sunlight with little to no breeze. 

All I kept thinking was, “I should have just gone for my run when I woke up.” 

9-1 10k trail

I still finished strong and only missed my PR by about 10 seconds which was a little bittersweet.  I finished in 50:57.  I’m still proud of my run and will work even harder towards my goals.  I’ve come a long way in the last few weeks and am excited to see where I’ll be in the next few weeks.


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