A Speedy 5 Miles

Apparently I am unable to sleep quite like I used to in college when sleeping for 12 hours felt like nothing.  Now I have trouble sleeping more than 8 hours.  Nonetheless, I woke up refreshed this morning after yesterday’s rest day. 

After a nice (strong) cup of coffee and a bagel with natural peanut butter, I was fired up and ready to go!

Here are my stats!

8-31 Run

It was my fastest 5 mile run yet!

8-31 Run2

I got a nasty side cramp at about 4.5 miles but I pushed through the pain to finish extra strong.  The break in the heat definitely helped with my overall pace.  It’s much easier to run fast in 68 degree weather instead of 88 degree weather!

Let’s see if I can be as fast tomorrow for my 6 mile run!


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