Weekend Workouts

This weekend was busy!  I was almost glad to get back to work on Monday since that would be a rest from my weekend!

I went biking with my mom Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Since the weather was actually decent we wanted to take advantage of it and get outside.  We biked 6.5 miles on Friday, 8 miles on Saturday and 26 miles on Sunday.  Not surprisingly my butt was pretty tender by the end of our little excursion. 

I recapped our Friday bike ride here.  Saturday’s ride wasn’t anything too crazy.  We stopped a couple times when we saw people we knew and even split a beer at a friend’s house.

Sunday we were a little more ambitious.  We loaded up the bikes and decided to go on a trail ride.  It was a gorgeous day out with temperatures in the 70’s.  Of course I wore long sleeves and SPF 30 because I burn so easily.  Clearly I take after my dad because my mom does not have this problem. 


The trail was really nice and flat and went past lots of streams and even a little lake.  Stopping to take some pictures on the way gave us a nice little break.  It also allowed us to soak up the sun and the beautiful scenery. 


The streams were more like rivers with all the flooding in the Midwest!  Even though it’s finally warming up, the trees didn’t get the memo.  There was an extreme lack of green.  Hopefully things will green up soon because seeing the bare trees is depressing. 


We worked up quite an appetite and so we stopped at a little bar along the way.  Even though it was somewhat counter productive we each had a burger and split a beer.  Again we went with a Summer Shandy and it did not disappoint.  Very refreshing. 

All in all it was a great weekend!

Did you do any biking this weekend?


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