A Bike Ride And A Beer

The weather actually warmed up for the weekend so my mom and I geared up for a nice little bike ride Friday afternoon.  We loaded up the bikes and headed out for a ride in the country. 

Much of the Midwest is experiencing flooding problems and that was very apparent when we went past what used to be a little creek.  The creek was completely outside its banks. To give some perspective, it’s normally only about 10 feet across.  It has been worse in the past, where the water was actually running across the road!

Flooded Creek

Even though it was 65 degrees out, it was extremely windy.  According to my Garmin Connect page, the wind was gusting at 20 mph.  I thought I was going to be blown off the road!

Summer Shandy

Since it turned out to be windier than we thought, we decided to stop at a little bar to split a beer before heading back. 

Drinking A Beer

I really don’t like beer so the bartender recommended Summer Shandy which was light and lemony.  I found it to be refreshing and didn’t feel like I was drinking a beer.

It felt great to get back out on the bike, but I’m glad we didn’t go any further.  The wind made us work so much harder and I was sore when I got home.  I guess that means I have some more work to do on my fitness level on the bike! 

What is your favorite summer beer?


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