Biker Chicks

If the weather forecast holds true, it looks like this weekend will be warm and sunny with temperatures pushing 70 degrees.  This is nothing short of a miracle because it snowed earlier on in the week. 

With the nice weather I’m hoping to get in a long run and at least one bike ride with my mom.  Last summer my mom and I went on lots of bike rides together and had a lot of fun exploring new areas.  We usually try to bike in areas we know will have great opportunities for lunch and shopping.


These pictures are from when my mom and I biked to Olbrich Gardens last summer. 


I plan on biking more this year as a way to cross train for my marathon training.  I’ve been using my dad’s bike since he usually only uses it once a year and my personal bike is a mountain bike that I got when I was 12.  It is very bulky and heavy so it’s not good for long distance riding. 

I’d like to buy a new bike but experienced major sticker shock when my mom and I went to Machinery Row in Madison.  I want a nice and light bike, but I don’t want to spend $5000.  Maybe I will just have to convince my mom to buy a new bike so that I can have her old one! 


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