Joe’s Day At The Beach

On Monday when I was diligently working away at my job, Joe decides to inform me that he’s going to go to a beach on the Gulf for the day.  He said he just needed a day to relax and get away.  Of course this was irritating and slightly painful since I wasn’t with, but I still told him to have fun and take pictures.  This has been the longest winter ever in Wisconsin, or so it seems, so I was extremely jealous of the beautiful weather he’s been having since moving to Louisiana in October. 

Joe obliged to my request and took a few photos to make me even more jealous.  The icing on the cake was when he told me he saw wild dolphins and was only about 30 feet away. 

Joe beach

Seeing the pictures of Joe on the beach at the Gulf really made me miss him even more.  It’s been hard being apart and seeing him have fun without me makes it even worse.

I heart u

Joe was cognizant of this fact and reassured me that he would have more fun if he was with me.  He even took the time to write in the sand that he loves me which I thought was really sweet. 

Thankfully, Joe will be coming back home to visit next weekend!  I’m super excited and have been counting down the days. Only 8 more!


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