Working On My 5K Pace

Monday I set out to go for an easy 3.1 mile run.  It was actually warm out, 59 degrees to be exact, so I wore an old race shirt and compression shorts for the first time of the year!

Like usual, I get going and feel pretty good so I go from an easy run to a pace improving run.  I was really hauling for Mile 1 and actually surprised myself with a 7:33 min/mi pace!  Since I knew I was not yet prepared to maintain this pace, I took it down a notch to a 8:20 min/mi pace.  I was hoping to be able to pick up the pace again for the last mile but I was running against the wind the entire time.  With 0.30 miles left, I hit the wall and I knew I wouldn’t be able to go any faster.  In the home stretch I dug in deep and kept going to finish strong for a time of 25:07.

4-22 Run Country

I’m really excited I was able to improve on my pace again this week.  I think I should make Mondays my “fast” days to work on my 5K pace.  My best time that I will be aiming to beat is 23:03 which was my time on a 5K Fun Run.  That was kind of a joke since there were only about 4 serious runners and the rest were kids and their parents.  Not surprisingly I was 3rd overall and the 1st female.

My fastest mile according to my Garmin is 6:45 so that is something I also want to improve on in the next few months.

What is your fastest 5K?


4 responses to “Working On My 5K Pace

  1. My fastest is 29:58 set last weekend. I was thrilled to be under 30:00- even if just barely. This was my 3rd 5k and my times have increased from 35:48, 32:54 and now 29:58. My ambitious goal this summer is to keep them under 30:00. And congrats to you – I can’t wait to be that fast.

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