Weekend Happenings

Since we were experiencing near blizzard like conditions in Wisconsin on Friday, I decided to cozy up in bed after work and glue myself to the breaking news coverage in Boston.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I just hoped that no one else got hurt. 

After a few hours, I needed a break from all the TV coverage.  So when my parents invited me out for supper I knew I should go.  A free meal is always a bonus when spending time with the parents. 

If you’re not from Wisconsin you may not be familiar with the phenomenon here we call the Friday Night Fish Fry.  When Friday night comes along, everyone heads out of the house in search of the best fish fry in the area.  To be successful one must have a game plan.  Places fill up quickly so it’s best to go as soon as possible.  For most places, if you don’t get there before 6:00 pm you won’t be eating anything till 8:00 pm.  A sign you’ve found a good and reasonably priced fish fry is a surplus of tan Buicks in the parking lot.  Old people know where to go for some good fish!

Saturday was the first Madison Farmers Market of the season and it was a sunny but chilly day.  My mom and I walked around the Capital Square and enjoyed a few treats along the way. 


After walking around the square we headed down State Street to do some shopping.  State Street is full of all sorts of funky shops and restaurants.  I always have a fun time on State Street and Saturday was no exception.


I’ve been looking for the perfect summer shoe for about a month.  I wanted something light, comfortable, and casual.  After some research I settled on this pair of classic Sperry Boat Shoes.  Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can wear them!


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