My Run Before The Rain

Today was another rainy day in Wisconsin so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in my planned run.  So when I got home from work and it wasn’t raining, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Since I didn’t have an excuse not to run, I changed my clothes and laced up my running shoes.  Of course I completely miscalculated the temperature and over dressed.  It’s been a long winter and with snow still in the forecast I tend to layer up out of habit.  I can’t believe it was almost 60 degrees!

Initially, I thought about doing an easy 2 mile run, but after I got going I knew I could push myself to go further.  I really wasn’t expecting to improve on my pace from earlier this week, but I did! 

4-18 Run Country

I’m glad I went out to run when I did because at the end of my run it started to rain.  That also motivated me to go faster!

Seeing my progress gives me motivation to keep going.  It’s hard to believe that I was running faster split times for my half marathon less than a year ago.  With hard work and determination I know I can get there again. 


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