Portion Control

My wedding is less than 200 days away and I am really trying to stay motivated to reach my fitness goals.  I’ve been cutting out all most of the junk food at work and have started running again. 

Since I don’t want to deprive myself completely, I’ve been paying attention to portion size and have been using the Lose It! app to track calories.  Calorie counting apps are very insightful and make me think twice about what I’m eating.  There are a few foods that I no longer eat since I’ve learned how terrible they are for you. 

But some things I can’t resist.  To say I have a weakness for ice cream would be an understatement.  I just can’t go without it.  It’s not that I NEED ice cream EVERY day, but it’s something I wouldn’t be able to give up forever. 

In order to get my ice cream fix and still stay on track I made sure to follow the serving size.  I have looked at the Nutrition Facts of various kinds of ice cream before and they are usually around 1/2 cup.  Of course I’ve never measured this out before and I’m sure most people haven’t either.  You just grab a bowl and fill it up!  Or on bad days, eat right out of the container.  Guilty.


So what does a 1/2 cup of ice cream look like?

Well it looks a lot smaller than I had hoped.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve been eating at least 3 times the suggested serving size.  Opps. 


Now that I can no longer live in denial about my ice cream consumption, I will continue to use the measuring cup.  I know that if I try to “eyeball” it I will be a little more generous than I should be. 

Since I was eating a smaller amount of ice cream than usual, I appreciated it more and savored the flavor.  I didn’t just mindlessly eat and I took smaller bites. 

In the end, I felt that my sweet tooth was satisfied and that I didn’t ruin the hard work I put in throughout the day. 

Have you ever measured out a serving of ice cream?


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