Boston Marathon Bombing

I just wanted to take a little time to recognize what happened today at the Boston Marathon.

This was another horrible and senseless tragedy. 

I have so many thoughts and questions and am having difficulty understanding why this happened.  Unfortunately I don’t think I will ever understand. 

What could be so terrible in someone’s life that they would decide to destroy the lives of countless innocent people?

The running community is very tight-knit and supportive and that has been clear from all the Tweets coming in over the last few hours for #RunForBoston and #PrayForBoston. 

People are dedicating their runs for those killed and injured in the bombing who may never run again.  Others are pledging to run a marathon in remembrance of this horrible event. 

I just want everyone to count their blessings and be thankful for each and every day we have with our loved ones. 

Be Strong and Run On.


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