Bridal Shower Details

Today I went with my mom and future mother-in-law Kathy to work out some of the bridal shower details.  Originally my mom wanted to do this without me so that I would be “surprised” and wouldn’t have to worry about planning. 

However, I HATE surprises.  When Joe proposed to me, he caught me completely off guard.  I kept saying, “Joe, no!  What are you doing?”  It was almost like I was mad at him for a few seconds until it really started to sink in.  Then of course I said, “Yes!”  What a sneaker!

So after  the quickest shower of my life,  my mom was sitting in her truck waiting for me, I grabbed a banana and I was out the door. 

Since Joe and I are getting married in Hawaii and are not having a reception, we decided to have a couples bridal shower so that family members could still be involved. 

We decided to have the bridal shower at The Farm, which is a golf course with a big red barn.  Amy, the manager, met with us to go over the details and options for the shower.  She was great to work with and offered a lot of helpful suggestions.  She thought of having a putting contest for the men mostly since they probably won’t be too interested in all the wedding chatter.  Guests will also be able to golf or just hang out outside if they want.  I suggested a beer pong tournament but we’ll see!  I just want things to be very casual and carefree. 


I think it’s going to work perfectly for the venue and Amy reassured as that she’d have everything covered for us.

We went over different catering options over lunch at 1855.  My mom and Kathy had pizza and I had a Panini with garlic parmesan fries.  Yum!  I love their fries and the Panini really hit the spot.

Then we decided to split a piece of chocolate chip cheesecake for desert. 


I usually get their strawberry cheesecake but since strawberries aren’t in season I decided on chocolate chip instead. 


It didn’t last very long with my mom and me fighting over it with our forks. Kathy probably only got a couple bites. Sorry!

What do you think about playing beer pong or having a putting contest at a bridal shower?

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