Not All Cows Are Black And White

My blog may be loosely centered around running, but that is only one part of my life.  If I want to blog about other aspects of my life, I’m not going to apologize for it or feel bad.  This is my life and my blog and I will write about whatever I want whenever I want. 

That being said, today I want to write about cows.  Hey I’m from Wisconsin and though we don’t all live on farms enough of us do so you can put milk on your cereal in the morning.  You’re welcome.

So back to the title of this post, most people have a lot of misconceptions about cows such as all cows are black and white.  The media only recognizes one kind breed of cattle and that is the Holstein.  This is really unfortunate because each breed is unique and they do not get the recognition they deserve.  They just get dumped under the general classification of “cow.”  My point here is most people would be able to name ten or more different breeds of dogs, but few would be able to name three breeds of cattle.

Personally, I am quite fond of Brown Swiss and jumped at the opportunity to take pictures of this beautiful breed over the weekend.


This sweet little calf was only a day old.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures of her.  Eventually I got this shot with her looking right at the camera and her ears out all the way.  Brown Swiss are know for their big furry ears.  (She was freshly inked so that’s why her ears are darkened in some areas.)


Got milk?  Sometimes the milk just squirts out on it’s own when the cow moves. 

Brown Swiss milk has a high butterfat content so it is most often used for cheese.  When I say cheese, I’m talking about real artisan cheese not those orange colored squares coated in plastic or that orange colored paste that comes in a can.  I’m sorry but that’s not “real” cheese.  Point being, no one has ever offered me a Kraft Single with my glass of wine. 


The Brown Swiss originated in the Swiss Alps so it quite resilient to the harsh Wisconsin winters (unlike me).

All in all, I had a lot of fun taking pictures and my client was pleased with the work that I produced.  Even though I am a little biased, I still have to say Brown Swiss are the most beautiful breed of cattle.

Take the challenge!  Can you name three different breeds of cattle???


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