Lunch At The Chancery

After our excursion at The Domes, Joe and I were starving and quite thirsty.  We deciding to grab some lunch at the Chancery.  Joe and I have been here together before so we knew we would not leave unsatisfied.


To start we had some adult beverages, Joe a beer and me some red wine.


Love the action shots. 


We also had to get their Signature Beer Cheese Soup.  It is very good, even though the combination might sound gross to those not from Wisconsin. 


It felt like a burger kind of day.  I decided to be adventurous with my burger and chose one with avocado and salsa.  I enjoyed the combination and would try it again at home instead of just putting ketchup on my burger.


Even though I was too full to finish my burger, we ordered dessert anyway.  Joe insisted we split the Peanutbutter Cup.  I knew I would regret it later but I ate most of it myself.  Joe wasn’t quick enough with his spoon and it was amazing.  Chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination ever!


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