The Domes: Part 2

After experiencing the Tropical Dome, Joe and I headed to the Desert Dome. 


The temperature in the Desert Dome was cooler and of course the air was dry unlike the hot and humid climate in the Tropical Dome. 


Joe and I got engaged in Sedona, Arizona so being in the Desert Dome made us remember the excitement of the proposal.   I still don’t know how I didn’t see it coming! 


This seemed a little cliché and totally staged, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture!  They also had a rubber rattle snake perched on a rock looking like it was ready to strike.


Joe and I also learned how to make Tequila so it was an educational trip.


I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this plant and the Aloe Vera plant.  They look pretty similar.


Sometimes I am really amazed at the vivid colors that can be found in nature. 


Even though I usually think of sand and dead things when I picture the desert, I know it can actually be quite green and full of life.  There were bright green plants in the Desert Dome and lots and lots of texture.


The natural way this plant was fanned out looked like an explosion!


There was a cute little “adobe” hut with benches that Joe and I sat on to observe the dome and people watch.  Sitting down was a nice way to slow down and really experience the dome, especially since it can be sensory overload at times. 

I never waste an opportunity to get a quick couple shot either.  My Nikon is pretty big so these self shots are harder to master with one hand.  I’m terrified of dropping my camera so I made sure to wrap the strap around my arm no less than five times.  I make it look so effortless.

Next up will be Part 3 about the Show Dome!


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