The Domes: Part 1

I took the day off of work on Friday to spend more time with Joe while he was here visiting.  After going to Olbrich Botanical Gardens the previous week with my mom, I wanted to check out The Mitchell Park Conservatory (The Domes) with Joe.

Joe and I have never been to The Domes before so I thought going together would be a fun adventure for us.  The day turned out to be gorgeous, which was great since it’s been pretty drab around here.


There are three different domes, the Tropical Dome, the Desert Dome and the Show Dome.  Since I took a bunch of pictures and it takes me awhile to edit them I will have to break this into three posts.

The first dome we went into was the Tropical Dome.  It was our favorite by far.  Probably because all of the lush greenery made us think about Hawaii and our wedding.


I took so many pictures I had to clear out some of the old ones since I forgot to wipe my memory card clean before going.  It was hard to pick out my favorites but here they are!


Another beautiful orchid!  I don’t think I’ve ever taken a “bad” picture of an orchid; they’re amazing.  I really don’t have to do much to edit these either; they just look that good!


Lots of green plants with big leaves.


Looking fabulous as always even though it was super humid.


This tree was really neat looking with lots of textures.


Huge leaves ran all the way down to the base of this tree.


There was a pond with fish in it and this frog.


Plants were everywhere and I almost ran right into this brightly colored flower that was dangling from a tree.


Joe and I love waterfalls and plan on seeing lots of them while we’re in Hawaii.  Obviously this isn’t the same but it got us excited just thinking about getting married.


I played with the shutter speed again to get the cottony effect in the water.


I saw these at Olbrich Gardens but couldn’t resist taking more pictures.  I played with the saturation to remove all the color except for the pink in the flower.


I tried to take lots of pictures of Joe and me so I can put them together in a picture book.  It’s something I want to do for the wedding so I’d like to experiment beforehand to see how it works.

That’s it for Part 1!  Next will be the Desert Dome!


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