Lazy Jane’s Cafe

My mom and I worked up quite an appetite taking pictures at Olbrich Botanical Gardens so we decided to hit up Lazy Jane’s Cafe for some much needed coffee and breakfast.


The building is really neat on the outside and on the inside.  I love the funky colors!


The menu is filled with breakfast and lunch options with vegetarian items as well. 


My mom has been here before and recommended we sit upstairs.  It was really different and gave out a laid back hippy vibe.  There were regular tables and chairs too, which we sat at to make eating easier. 


Lazy Jane’s is on Williamson Street in Madison, which is more commonly referred to as Willy Street.  This neighborhood is a lot of fun especially for art lovers.


This thing was a little creepy!


I went with “The Works” for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, wheat toast, and bacon.  I did not go with a vegetarian option.  Sorry, I like meat!


Everything was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing enough to enjoy two cups of hot hazelnut coffee.


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