Olbrich Botanical Gardens

On Saturday I went with my mom to Olbrich Botanical Gardens to see the annual Spring Flower Show.  We thought it might be a nice treat since there is still snow on the ground, and in the forecast, even though it’s the end of March!

I went to Olbrich Gardens last summer with my mom to view the outdoor gardens while we were biking around Madison.  The gardens here are beautiful and I look forward to going back again this summer with my fancy camera.


Before heading into the Spring Flower Showroom we decided to check out the Conservatory.  The Conservatory itself is not very big, but there’s a lot to look at inside.  People come to the Conservatory to take pictures with their DSLR cameras so I didn’t feel out of place or awkward when I was sprawled out trying to get the best shot.  Here is my mom demonstrating what I mean.


My mom snuck a few pictures of me taking pictures as well.  Very flattering.


All the plants and flowers were beautiful and it didn’t take long for me to snap a couple hundred pictures.  Here are some of my favorites!






With this waterfall picture I was able to experiment with Shutter Priority.  I put my camera into “S” mode and dropped down to 1/5 sec shutter speed in order to get the wispy cotton looking water effect.  I did try to go lower however, since I did not have a tripod the pictures turned out a bit blurry.  I can’t hold still for that long!


The Olulu plant looks like a miniature palm tree and is native to Kauai and Molokai.  Seeing the Olulu and feeling the heat and humidity got me excited thinking about getting married in Kauai in six months.


This thing was pretty neat looking.  I took the picture because I’m almost positive this plant was featured on Dual Survival, which is a show Joe and I like to watch.


There were colorful birds flying around the Conservatory and my mom almost stepped on this one.


After the Conservatory we ventured into the Spring Flower Show.  It featured work by local artists as well as traditional spring flowers.  My favorite art piece was the badger carved out of wood.  He looks fierce!


Since we’ve had tulips in the house the last few weeks, I was more excited to see the hydrangeas.  I didn’t take as many pictures in here as I felt the spring flowers were not as exciting as the ones in the Conservatory.  Also, my battery was almost dead.  I guess I took too many pictures.  Whoops!


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