Lunch at Biaggi’s

Of course whenever I go with my mom somewhere there needs to be a lunch involved.  So after picking out my wedding dress we were ready for some good food and wine to celebrate.  Jody recommended Biaggi’s, an Italian restaurant, but warned of the large portion sizes.


I decided on the Half Pasta, Half Salad option and chose the Farfalle Alfredo and Spinach Salad with a Malbec that the waiter recommended.  A basket of freshly baked bread and olive oil with parmesan and pepper for dipping was also provided.  Everything was fabulous and I ate every last bit!


Then we split the Baked Cappuccino for dessert; a flourless chocolate cake and espresso custard topped with whipped cream.  It was decadent!


I dug in with full force.  A little exaggerated here but that’s how good it was!  Since we will have to come back to Vera’s for dress fittings, I’m sure we will also return to Biaggi’s for lunch.  Next time I won’t be splitting dessert!


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