I Said, “Yes To The Dress!”

Originally I planned on this post to be “Wedding Dress Shopping,” because I didn’t plan on finding “The One” my first time trying on dresses.  However, as they say, sometimes the dress finds you.

After talking to a few people and doing some research online, I decided to go with my mom to Vera’s House of Bridals.  They’ve been voted by Wisconsin Bride Magazine to be the Best Place to Purchase a Bridal Gown every year since 2007.  It didn’t take me long to find out why.


The building itself was really neat.  It looks more like a house than a typical store.  This made the experience feel special since I wasn’t walking into a warehouse of wedding dresses which would have been overwhelming.


Even though we are doing a destination wedding, I still wanted to have the “bridal experience” and feel like a bride in my dress.  I felt that is exactly what I got at Vera’s and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.


All the bridal rooms were named after different cities around the world; I was in Rio.  The rooms were really cute and most had windows which I felt was important.  I didn’t feel like I was in a dungeon and natural light is usually more flattering.

Jody was wonderful to work with; she was very patient and accommodating.  She listened to what I had envisioned and pulled a few dresses she thought would work.  The first dress I tried on was essentially exactly what I envisioned.  However, after having it on it just didn’t feel right.  The dress felt heavy even though it looked like it should be light and airy.  It also had some “bling” on it, which I felt did not belong on a beach.

I can be very indecisive so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make a decision.  That was part of the reason I only wanted to go with my mom.  If there were a bunch of people all spewing out their opinions I’d never be able to decide.


I knew going in I was not going to be a bride that puts on a dress and starts crying uncontrollably.  So when I tried on the fourth dress I was a little confused.  It wasn’t what I had envisioned, but I liked it, which scared me.  Then Vera herself walked in and gave me a flower to put in my hair to help complete the look.


Vera was very sweet and I enjoyed her presence.  It was obvious that Vera enjoys what she does and makes it a priority to make every bride that comes in to her store feel beautiful.

I did try on a few more dresses, but that only helped to solidify my first choice.  Nothing gave me a feeling like dress number four.  After I put it back on for a second time, I knew this was “The One.”  I went out to the big mirror and with Vera’s encouragement said, “Yes to the dress!”


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