Baby Shower Cookies

Today after work I decided to make the cookies I got as a gift at Ally’s Baby Shower.  All the ingredients (except an egg and butter) were layered neatly in mason jars.  They had baby themed fabric around the top that was secured with twine and a card with the instructions attached.  I felt it was a very thoughtful idea for a gift.  Of course the idea came from Pinterest. 031013BabyShower-27

While I was waiting for the cookies to bake, I decided to snap a few pictures.  By few, I mean at least 20 pictures.  Here are the keepers!


We’re getting in the Spring/Easter spirit with a center piece of fresh tulips and some colorful Easter egg ornaments.  I hope we’ll be getting Spring weather soon as I really want to start my marathon training and be able to see flowers outside, not snow.


Of course I couldn’t walk past my orchid without taking more pictures.  Earlier this week another bud opened up so now I have three blossoms with a fourth on the way.  I am guessing there will be a total of seven or eight this time.


I decided to try a new angle this time too.  I am finding the back of the orchid to be just as interesting and beautiful as the front.


Before I knew it, my barking baking companion was informing me that the cookies were done.


They turned out perfect!  One jar made two dozen well sized and super delicious cookies.  I played around a bit with focal point in this shot.  I focused in on the second row of cookies so the rest kind of blur out.  Everyday I’m learning something new!


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