Wedding Update And Wine

Today I went with my parents to meet with the travel agent.  I am happy to report that the wedding is officially booked!  It is a huge relief to know that our flights, hotel and rental car are reserved.  Bob, the travel agent has been great and made this process a breeze.

There are still some things to do like figure out exactly which beach to get married on and what things we want to see and do while we’re in Kauai.  We’ve decided on the North Shore for the wedding and have narrowed it down to a few beaches that look good from pictures on the internet.  We want to see them in person before we make a final decision.

To celebrate booking the wedding, my parents and I stopped at a place to try some wine.


My dad and I went with red wine.  I very much enjoyed my Malbec and had a good time at the wine shop.  It was a nice little shop with a cozy atmosphere.


My mom was feeling a little camera shy, but she went with a white wine.  She gave it rave reviews.  I described it as, “liquid sunshine,” because of the deep rich yellow color.

All in all it was a fun and exciting day.  Everything feels a little more “real” since the travel plans are booked.  Joe and I are looking forward to getting married and couldn’t be happier.


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