The Proposal

Joseph and I got engaged on January 4, 2012 in Sedona, AZ. He proposed on top of Cathedral Rock, which is one of the beautiful red rock formations that Sedona is best known for.

Cathedral Rock

We had planned on going hiking in Sedona as part of our trip and chose Cathedral Rock as our first hike.  We got up extra early to avoid any crowds and started to make our way up to the top.  Neither of us knew exactly what to expect from the hike since there wasn’t a dedicated trail.  There were wire baskets filled with red rocks to guide your way around the formation.  You can see one of the baskets below behind Joe.

Joe Cathedral Rock

The morning turned out beautiful for a hike and seeing the morning sun shine across the red rock was spectacular.  Once we reached the top we rested for awhile to take in our surroundings.  Joe was getting antsy and suggested we move to a different vantage point.  I had no idea what he was thinking but I followed with limited hesitation.  We reached a new isolated spot and before I knew what was happening Joe got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was completely shocked and said, “No Joe!  What are you doing?”  I didn’t expect to get a proposal on top of a red rock formation while wearing sweat pants.  Finally, I got my bearings and said, “Yes.” 

That wasn’t the only surprise Joe had in store for me that day.  Before we went on the hike Joe insisted I put all my things in my suitcase before we left.  I thought it was strange but Joe made a huge case about not leaving things out when you leave the hotel so I obliged.  After he proposed it clicked in my head that he was having our room upgraded and the hotel staff was going to be moving our things to the new suite.  Sure enough, when we got back to the hotel we had been moved to a gorgeous suite with rose petals on the bed.

Rose Petals

I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic proposal.  I was so surprised and proud of Joe for planning it all himself.  He really knows how to keep me on my toes!


3 responses to “The Proposal

  1. This is a beautiful story! I lived in Arizona for a little while as a kid and we always loved Sedona. Congratulations!

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