How We Met

Joseph was a senior in high school when I was a freshman.  So I knew a few things about him like the fact he’s a triplet.  Since I was a measly freshman he didn’t know I existed. 

Joe and I began our romance after sitting next to each other at my cousin’s wedding in September 2009.  He recognized me as the “BP Girl” as I worked as a cashier at the time while in college.  I was instantly smitten with his charming smile and witty sense of humor.  The timing wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t stop thinking about Joe. 

First picture together

A couple months later I went out with my brother to a local bar.  After a couple drinks I was feeling pretty good and was talking with my friend Beth.  Suddenly, in walks Joe and I instantly became flustered.  I decided right then and there that the next time he came in while I was working I would ask him for his number.

The following weekend I got my chance.  It was almost time to close the store and I was a little bummed out because Joe hadn’t been in yet.  So just when I had all but given up hope, I see Joe pull in to the parking lot.  I tried to make small talk to ease the conversation in the direction I wanted, but Joe had other plans.  He sensed my intentions and was blatantly trying to dodge my advances.  I told him we should go out together sometime.  His response was something along the lines of, “Yah, uh huh ok.”  Since I was a little irritated I waited all night for him to show up, I wasn’t going to let him get off the hook that easy.  I demanded his phone number on the spot.  Now I had him flustered.  He obliged by giving me his cell number. 

My lack of patience got the best of me and so I started to text him almost as soon as he left.  We texted back and forth the rest of the night.  Over the next few days we planned to get together to go on our first date.


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