26.2 Miles

After completing the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon last fall, I started seriously contemplating the notion that I could do a full marathon.  I feel it would be a huge accomplishment and would be a great, though ambitious, goal to set for myself.  Training for a marathon will also be a way for me to get in shape for my upcoming wedding.

The first step for me has been to find a training plan.  After some research I found lots of recommendations for the Hal Higdon training plans.  This site offers a lot of great training plans for everything from a 5K to a full marathon for beginners to advanced runners. 

I settled on the Intermediate 1 training plan which I felt would be a good fit to start with.  I’m sure I will do some modifications or may drop down to the Novice 2 if I feel this plan is too intense. 

marathon training

I have not yet decided on which marathon I want to train for yet.  The main problem is that I feel I would be ready for my marathon in the middle of summer.  Obviously choosing my first marathon to be in July would be setting myself up for inevitable failure and possible heat stroke.  I will have to stretch out the training and hopefully find something fun, yet close by in the fall. 

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