Haunted Hustle Half Marathon

After intensely training since July the day of my first ever half marathon was here.  Since much of the country was experiencing a drought and record highs all summer it would naturally be cold and rainy on the one day I would be racing.  Go figure.  Did I mention I’ve never run in the rain before let alone 13.1 miles?  After a mini mental freak-out I gathered up my gusto and headed for the start.

start line

I found the 1:50 pace man by chance first and figured it was a sign that I would be doing a sub 2 hour half.  In my training I did run 13.1 miles in just under 2 hours but in these conditions reaching for 1:50 seemed rather ambitious. 

I picked the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon partly because of the time of year and partly because it looked like a really fun race.  There was also a full marathon and a 10K stroller derby and a lot of people kept with the Halloween theme and dressed in costumes.  The best costumes for individuals and groups won prizes even.  I toyed with the idea of wearing a costume, even something simple, but I didn’t want to risk having a wardrobe malfunction or being uncomfortable. 

The race itself was challenging; it was filled with rolling hills and one mountain around mile 10!  I had read about this monster ahead of time and incorporated a large hill into my weekly runs in preparation and I was sure glad I did.  I was able to kick it in to gear the last mile and sprint to the finish!

Half according to Garmin

Apparently this race was mismarked by about a quarter mile.  I know a race is not usually going to be spot on and there are lots of factors involved, but a quarter mile is a big difference.  According to my Garmin, I ran 13.1 miles in just under 1 hour 48 minutes.  However, my official race time was 1 hour 50 minutes. 

After race

After the race they gave out these thermal wrap things along with a really neat medal.  There was plenty of food and drinks at the finish line so I helped myself to some chocolate milk, part of a bagel, and part of a banana.  It was all that my stomach could handle right then. 


When I first started training my mom and I went to an art fair and I immediately spotted a vendor selling inspirational jewelry.  I pointed out the 13.1 necklace to my mom but didn’t purchase it because I was still in the early stages of my training. 


When I finished the half marathon my dad gave me a little box and the necklace was inside.  My mom went back to buy me the necklace when I wasn’t looking!  What a sneaker.


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